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about us

        Growing up on opposite sides of New England, we met while working as grooms within the A rated Morgan show industry. In the last 17 years of knowing one another we have traveled the country working for the top trainers in the industry, graduated from farrier and art school, started our own businesses, traveled the country shoeing, braiding and selling photos, worked for more trainers on the road, got married, and assumed management of the Radocchia’s family farm in Bennington, Vermont.

The work we do may not always put us in the lime light. When the young stock are ready, we”ll be there, ready to show. Until then, we are home doing our homework. The youngsters are learning to stand square or getting hooked for the first time while we watch the weather for the perfect time to cut hay for optimal nutritional values. We are not half way people and horses, they are a rabbit hole. The more you get involved, the deeper and more expansive the hole gets. What do you do with all the information? You pass it on to the next generation of horses and horseman. Constantly looking to learn more, work smarter and put a product out in to the world that we are proud to have our names behind.