Full board care   $550

Live in care, hay three times a day, grain twice; water, daily stall cleaning and bedding; daily turnout weather permitting; winter blanket changes and summer fly masks and fly spray; scheduling and handling for house farrier and vet; use of facilities and equipment.

instruction   $40

Learn to ride hunter seat on the flat or over fences, western, saddle seat or to drive one of our four school master lesson horses. All students learn to groom and tack their horses and are responsible for prepping and cooling out of the mounts. 



Training   $900

All the perks of full board plus a training and marketing program tailored to meet the individuals needs for starting youngsters or green horses to saddle or harness, refresher work for the out of practiced, etc., in and out of the ring. A strong focus on ground work and manners to ensure solid foundations for a life time of success. Lessons included.

CLInician services   

Bring Anna to you! Get the barn together for a fun and informational weekend to strengthen your seat, legs, hands etc. for an edge in the show ring or a safer, more enjoyable experience down the trail. Host barns are responsible for travel and lodging expenses. $160 per person




Are you or your horse ready to show? We make it easy and fun to hit the road and join in on some good old fashion competition! We offer first time students a positive experience dipping their toes into a schooling show, provide seasoned riders the ground support to take on the challenge of the higher levels and will ensure your young show prospect has a great first trip off the farm to see "the big city lights".